Friday, July 3, 2009

My birthday celebration~

1st July 2009.
This is my date of birth.
OMG, I am 23 years old..
My Department college organized a birthday celebration for me.
They bought me a nice blueberry cheesecake from secret recipe.
We sing the birthday song, I blew out the candles and cut the cake.
Kevin, our formal photographer took some photo and recorded some video.
haha..I was so excited.
We ate the cake together.
urm..why Mr.Tan and Mr.Raymond joined the party huh? Suddenly they came to my birthday celebration, not like other college. They should gave me a birthday present.
Alaa..x sempat nak candid cake pix using my own handphone camera. Shud take some to put on my blog. Ntah bila la Kevin nak bagi pix and video yg die record tuh..
Kevin..kevin..(dalam nada mengeluh)
Not like a year before,I didn't received any birthday present for this 23rd birthday. wishes from the person that I expected to wish.
Here is the pix of my bday cake decoration. Everyone oledy have their own toy, because they oledy celebrate theirs.

Today is Friday. So, tomorrow I can wake up late..haha..i lyke...
Don't have any plan for tomorrow. Feels like wanna sleep 48 hours non-stop.
Kalo buat perangai cmni kt umah mak, msti da lama telinga ni berdarah dengar bebelan mak + mak sengaja bukak volume radio and tv kuat + mak tutup kipas dlm bilik + bukak tingkap luas2 biar panas..huu..
But at my hometown, I know how to pretend in front of my mak, will get up early in the morning, take a shower, take my breakfast, watching tv, then go to sleep again around 10a.m in the morning..haha..
Miss my 'cuti' time during my school break or semester break. I wish that I have a time machine. I wish..
Feel like wanna go back to my school age, don't wanna grow up, don't wanna go to university, don't wanna have work, no responsibility, no burden, no nothing..
I wish~~


  1. selamat hari jadi aquaateline. saya suka baca blog awak.hari2 pon saya baca.keep it up!hhahahaha :D

  2. thanx pon ske awk bc blog i mentioned, i luv my fan.

  3. gedixx..ak wish kan bday ko..tgu kul 12 tepat lg..adiah bday tgu dlu ak tau ko nk mntak ksut..huwaaa..pokai ak..hik3..

  4. huhu..mmg ko wish bday sumeone yg aku expect to wish, x org tu bkn ko la maknanya ~lalala..