Friday, June 19, 2009

Just rilex

Today, only got two on hands issues. One is Zakat report and another one is payslip come back issue. Both had settled and deployed.
haha..act, both issue are easy and can be settled in 2 hours time only. But because of my damn slow pc, I got stuck with this for the whole day.
Urm, after deployed the issues, then I dunno what should I do. I just sit on my chair at my workstation, pretend like am working..hahaha..
what a big liar.
Everyone has going back except us: me, nana, lynn and Jc.
Ok owh, nana ask to shut down the pc. Gotta go..My family is coming to my house today. They will saty here in Damansara for 3 days, to send my younger sister back to her college and visits our uncle. He's sick..Hope he'll get well soon.Ameen..

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